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Name: Lum Invader
Series: Urusei Yatsura [うる星やつら] (aka "Those Obnoxious Aliens")
Age: 17 in Human Years
Hair color: blue-green
Eyes: blue-green
Height: 5'6"

Abilities: Can produce electricity (and use it as a weapon by zapping things/people) and she can fly for short distances.

Personality: Lum is a vivacious and uninhibited extraterrestrial "princess". She can usually be seen wearing her tiger-striped bikini outfit which always turns heads, especially in a conformist Japanese society. She seems to see her outfit as a standard form of dress and is quite oblivious to how scandalous it is to run around nearly naked.

She is an honest and caring girl who isn't afraid to express her feelings. She is fairly intelligent but is still very naive to earth's customs. Therefore she often misunderstands what people say, always with catastrophic results. She's a very stubborn girl when she sets her mind to something and she is a firm believer in standing by her man (even if her man hardly ever stands by her) and is extremely loyal. However, Lum has another - more frightening - side to her. She has a very short fuse combined an extremely jealous nature. Her response to these feelings of anger are usually in the form of a massive electrical zapping or a beating with very large objects. Luckily for everyone, though Lum is quick to anger, she never stays like that for long. Most of the time she's very vibrant and carefree. It's just when she's angry that people need to buckle down and hope she doesn't bring about complete destruction.

This girl is many things. The one thing she is not, is a good cook. Not only because she has a penchant for painfully spicy food (she can drink tabasco straight out of the bottle like water) but mostly because her strange alien food doesn't go over too well with earth creatures. Often her Oni cuisine has disfiguring effects.

Basically, Lum is a ticking time bomb of a bikini-clad bombshell.

Interests (23):

aliens, astrology, astronomy, bikinis, crazy devices, darling, earth, electricity, flying, friends, horns, inventing, learning earth stuff, nice earthlings!, no rei!, oni, space, tag, tanning, tiger stripes, tigers, what darling likes, zakking
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